Super bunny man pc free download

Our current plan is to get Super Bunny Man on as many platforms as possible, but it won’t be until after the final launch on Steam. We hope Super Bunny Man can be used by everyone, so we will do our best to get it on consoles and other operating systems. Sorry to wait! But not everything the game offers. It also has a fascinating multiplayer mode to enjoy. For example, you can participate in a very unusual basketball game in which the ball is replaced with a carrot. That’s right, you’re throwing carrots through the net to score another point for your team! And it also doesn’t bring you victory and tumble yourself through it, but it looks very fun. And of course you can fight against your friends in a deathmatch-the goal is to survive until the end of the level and kick them off the cliff, lure them into the trap and deal with all opponents by pushing them on the spikes. However, you must be careful not to hurt yourself! Two boring friends dress up in yellow and pink bunny costumes and travel across the most dangerous areas in the world to test how their new costumes work in extreme conditions. Sounds crazy? That’s it for Super Bunny Man! This fun and very tricky platformer will blow your mind and give you finger movements throughout. Are you ready to face the test of physics with ice polar caves, shark swarms and tropical waters on the verge of feasibility? Then run the game now! Got an idea or feedback for Super Bunny Man? Let us know on the Steam discussion page! You can find it here: Our dressed characters can visit a wide range of locations and find creative ways to get to carrots placed on difficult parts of the map. You can take part in a wild water race to control a fast scooter (one of you will be behind the wheel, the other will be clenching on a driver who doesn’t drown).

Another adrenaline-filled ride awaits you in the Arctic-you’ll find yourself in a sleigh that can slide along ice-covered caves, floors, walls, and even ceilings. Some levels will be more classic, but they are definitely not less challenging. Yes! Easter 2019, Super Bunny Man now has online co-op for story mode! The target for the final release is in the second half of 2019, but may change during development. As the scope of the game increases, our goals for the final release date have changed several times during development. Player feedback was fantastic, and we aimed to add improvements to the game at the request of the player (especially because of the huge number of player requests for this feature, the online co-op transference spent as much development time as needed). We post news about Super Bunny Man on Twitter! For a preview of upcoming features and other exciting news, follow us here: Our rabbit hero’s goal is to get to the end of the level, collecting as many carrots as possible. Besides, each location also contains a hidden carrot-you won’t be able to see it easily and you will have to find it. But it’s worth it, secret veggies will bring you extra points. How do you know if you have successfully coped with all the tests and reached the final line? Easy to see-you can see the spiral portal you will have to jump on.

The only thing that remains is to control the rabbit right into the wormhole that isn’t that simple in the first place… It may take multiple attempts on certain pieces of terrain, but the more you play Super Bunny Man, the better you can do it! Super Bunny Man is a thrilling and daring online game that you should definitely try if you are a platformer fan.