Apply to speak in 2014

Paramount to the success of TEDxVictoriaHarbour is bringing together live speakers who can convey inspiring messages.

At TEDxVictoriaHarbour we’re looking for voices that haven’t been heard, new thoughts, and ideas worth spreading. If you feel you or someone you know has a message to share with the world regarding experiences in travel, read on!

We don’t know when our next event will be, but if you’re interested in participating as a speaker for TEDxVictoriaHarbour, we recommend watching some TEDTalks for inspiration and reviewing the TED Commandments to help craft talks that will have profound impacts on our audience.

⊕The following speaker application will send an e–mail to us at, after which you will receive a confirmation e–mail from our team. If you are not using your own computer, please send an e–mail to us directly. Thank you.

Speaker Application


How did you hear about us?

Have you watched TEDTalks before?

Have you attended a TED or TEDx conference before?

Have you spoken at a TED or TEDx conference before?

Please tell us a little bit about yourself, what you’re working on, your passions, etc.

What are your thoughts on TED? Have you attended or spoken at one before?

What would you like to share that is relevant to our TEDxVictoriaHarbour theme, E-Motion?

What do you hope to gain from TEDxVictoriaHarbour?


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