Todd Darling

Todd Darling

Indigenous vs Imported: What food source should we trust the most?

Why is Hong Kong obsessed with imported food? Is our “imported is best” mindset destroying our culinary individuality and making Hong Kong’s citizens unnecessarily vulnerable to food security issues? What is it doing to our landscape? In this insightful talk, Todd examines the situation and explores the opportunities.

About Todd

Born and raised in the New York area, Todd began his career serving in top local restaurants under “old-world” restauranteurs. Needing to explore the world, he worked and lived on a farm in the Netherlands before returning to the Big Apple and then travelled across the world to Hong Kong in 2004. After investing in and operating some of Hong Kong’s most notable restaurants for 5 years, Todd set up IHM, Integrated Hospitality Management, with business partner Robert Spina, an integrated platform with investments in agriculture, food and beverage distribution and restaurants. They currently own and operate Posto Pubblico, Linguini Fini, Cantopop, and Homegrown Foods. On Twitter:

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