Peter Chang

Peter Chang

Will Travel for Food

Does food speak to you? It may be a guilty pleasure, but the truth is that food is becoming an integral part of destination travel for many individuals, and in some cases people are beginning to travel to eat more than they are to see cultural sites. Here’s a look at Peter’s pastime as he flies around the world in search of good food, in search of understanding how people gain insights into foreign cultures through food, and the impact food tourism can have on the hospitality industry.

About Peter

Peter is a hedge fund professional based in Hong Kong and Taipei. After starting his career in finance in New York and spending more than a decade in Hong Kong, he recently relocated back to his hometown of Taipei. Peter’s blog, Diary of a Growing Boy, started out as a personal diary to document his adventures in food, wine and travel but is now followed by avid food travelers around the world, and those who live (and eat) vicariously through his words. On Twitter: @Growing_Boy

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