Oscar Venhuis

Oscar Venuis

Explore the Dark Side

In 2010, something happened which changed Oscar’s life; his old friend, his Nokia phone, spluttered its last breath, and died. It was a moment of reflection, but out of the ashes rose a new hope: the discovery of mobile phone technology. His new smartphone camera allowed him to take snapshots on the go and capture Hong Kong’s urban landscape whilst travelling between his business appointments. On-The-Go blends black and white photography with bold typography. “The impression of Hong Kong is that it is a fast-moving and manic city,” says Oscar, “however, my photos show a different side of Hong Kong. Amidst the hustle and bustle is a serene urban oasis. On-The-Go invites the viewer to rediscover the mystifying contours of Hong Kong.”

About Oscar

Oscar was born in Seoul, adopted and raised in the Netherlands and has worked in Amsterdam, London, Hong Kong, Shanghai and Beijing. After completing his Bachelor Degree in Product Design, he studied at the Royal College of Art in London, and completed a Masters with distinction in Design Management. In addition to being a brand consultant in Hong Kong, Oscar is a self-taught photographer and private collector of art from North Korea (DPRK).

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