Alisa Tang

Alisa Tang

The Everyday Tourist: Exploring the Here and Now

What’s your destination? What’s your goal? It matters little, for it is the secrets and diversions on your journey that should be sought and cherished. The trick is to make your way at a human pace or perhaps even a snail’s. Bike, walk, observe, explore. Make your path twisted and gnarly. Meander down the quiet alley, the sidewalk less traveled. Meet new people, learn their stories, tell them yours. Alisa shares her belief that on an unpredictable path – in some unknown place or just around the corner from your childhood home – you may stumble upon what you want and who you are.

About Alisa

Born in rural America, Alisa is a freelance journalist based on a riverine island near Bangkok. She left the US in 2002 to work with the Associated Press in Bangkok and Kabul. After moving back to Thailand to freelance, she took up her childhood love of bicycling, and during a ride in 2009, chanced upon a lush oasis near Bangkok and decided to explore a slower life – learning from locals and building a “green” house amid fruit plantations.

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