In 2012, captivating speakers inspired us to think about the staycation, bespoke travel, food tourism, voluntourism, and more.

2012 May 18 | Event Line Up | Hong Kong Arts Centre

HossanLeonghsHossan Leong
The Exotic East to the Emerging East

How do countries cope with the onslaught of modern culture?
HossanLeonghsCliff Bernstein 
The Origins of Destinations

Did you ever wonder how foreigners can shape a destination?
HossanLeonghsAndrea Oschetti
Beauty of Bespoke Travel

Get off the beaten track. Put away the tour books and explore.
HossanLeonghsKim Walker
Why Being Age-Friendly is Everyone’s Business

There’s a phenomenon without precedence in the history of…
HossanLeonghsBen Justus
Providing Service Through Service

You can give a man a fish, or teach a man to fish.
HossanLeonghsDavid Citrin
Medical Voluntourism in ‘Shangri-La’?

Are there real risks and benefits of voluntourism?
HossanLeonghsOscar Venhuis
Exploring the Dark Side

Oscar stays put in Hong Kong and explores the beauty of the dark side.
HossanLeonghsPeter Chang
Will Travel for Food

Does food speak to you?
HossanLeonghsErica Lyons
Cultural Heritage Tourism & a Minority’s Perspective

Cultural heritage tourism plays a vital role in cultural preservation.
HossanLeonghsCarlos Celdran
Every City Has a Soul

He’s a man who’s trying to change the way people view Manila – one tour at a time…
HossanLeonghsAlisa Tang
The Everyday Tourist: Exploring the Here and Now

What’s your destination? What’s your goal?
HossanLeonghsKestrel Lee
Using Passion and Tension in Tourism 

In an era marked by relentless disruptions…

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