Tyson Wheatley

Tyson Wheatley, HKG, Instagram

Trail Runner, Music Lover, Instagram Addict (Instagram@Twheat, Twitter@Twheat)
Instagram and Me

How do you connect with communities when you travel? When Tyson moved to Hong Kong, he used his smartphone to send photos back home to friends and family, only to find a community of individuals who shared the same digital and artistic spirit he did.


About Tyson

Tyson is a Senior Digital Editor at CNN but these days, he may be better known as a founding member of the popular HK Instayay group. A father of three who relocated with his family from the U.S. in January 2011, Tyson first turned to taking photos on Instagram to discover and learn about his new home. What began as a personal hobby quickly turned into an addiction and in the process, Tyson and some other like-minded co-founders decided to gather the community of Instagram users and lovers of mobile photography to create Hong Kong’s first Instameet group. Starting with a photowalk in Cheung Chau on March 24, 2011, the group has become a cultural phenomenon. Now, with 440,000 followers on Instagram, Tyson the newcomer has unwittingly become an ambassador of Hong Kong.