Nury Vittachi

Nury Vittachi, HKG

Journalist, Novelist, Columnist (@NuryVittachi)
How to Speak Globalese

We will one day soon speak one tongue, and it won’t be English or Chinese.


About Nury

Beloved personality and prolific writer Nury “Mr. Jam” Vittachi has been described affectionately as “the beat reporter of the offbeat” and is one of Hong Kong’s best-selling English language authors. Known for his quirky and original voice, he has infused his life and his work with a sense of curiosity, a love of comedy and irony (and controversy), and always, a persevering spirit. Nury has hosted several TV shows, published thousands of articles and has penned more than 30 books, ranging from non-fiction to novels, including the beloved The Feng Shui Detective series. Nury played an important role in setting up the Asia Literary Review, the Man Asian Literary Prize, the Scholastic Children’s Book Award, among other prizes. Viewing himself as proof that it’s possible to be creative in Hong Kong and find a global audience, he says, “I feel the people of Asia don’t have their fair share of the world stage. My mission is to do the groundwork so that writers here can reach the top.” The Sri Lanka-born author has called Hong Kong home for nearly 30 years.