Chris Hora

Chris Hora, LAX

Chef, Globetrotter, TV Personality
Remember When We Were Humans?

In the age of technology and text speak, it can be a challenge to remember how to be human anymore. Is it possible that food is the last bastion of humanity? And if so, what role do we play as consumers and providers to win this human race?

About Chris

Chris is a globe trotting chef, restaurant consultant, musician, blogger and TV personality with an opinion on everything. A native Californian who was trained at the California Culinary Academy, Chris developed his style of art and craftsmanship based on one ideal – integrity. As a chef he has opened restaurants on three continents and owned farm-to-table restaurants in Europe and the U.S. Combining the ethics given to him by his immigrant family with the products and techniques gained from a lifetime of travel, he has always lived and worked according to the belief that “there are no borders when art is involved”. Chris’ philosophy on food is simple: Everything is good if you make it right. Lately, he’s been working to forge new understandings of old ideas in an effort to inspire and challenge others.