Andrea Oschetti

Andrea Oschetti, HKG

Adventure Traveler, Chef, Lifelong Student
Travel With Purpose

Why do people travel and can they do it better? Is it possible to travel with historical or literary associations in mind to experience travel differently? A little more responsibly? Or emotionally?


About Andrea

Andrea left the corporate world of consulting to pursue his passion for food, healthy living, culture, and people by re-inventing himself as a private chef and starting his business Cuore. He thinks of Cuore not as a dining experience but as a cultural exchange and one through which he can share the joys of simple, healthy living by creating gourmet dinners at his loft or at the homes of his clients in Hong Kong. Consistently reviewed by NY Times, Time Out Hong Kong, Travel, SCMP, and the Wall Street Journal, Andrea has said that he feels a bit like a cultural ambassador of Italy “…where I guide my clients through a journey of imagination about the beauty and stories of Italy and give them suggestions of where to go to experience the real Italy.” When he’s not creating culinary journeys, he is running and cycling and, of course, traveling.