Simon Wan

Simon Wan, HKG, The Photocrafters

Photographer, Artist, Teacher (@ThePhotocrafters)
Everyone’s an Amateur Photojournalist

There are almost more smartphones in the world than the global population, and everyone with a smartphone has become an amateur photojournalist. We take photos for friends, for fun, when we travel, and now and then our photos are used publicly. Are there ethical issues here? What’s the responsibility we have as amateur photojournalists?


About Simon

Born in Hong Kong, Simon graduated with a degree in Documentary Photography from the University of Wales in 2000. Returning to Asia, he taught at the Department of Fine Art at the University of Hong Kong for 10 years. In 2006, he founded The Photocrafters, a non-profit organization located in Sheung Wan that aims to promote the understanding and appreciation of photography in Hong Kong. The studio serves as a gallery and gathering place for photographers of all levels to learn and to share. Simon’s work has been showcased in Russia, Paris, and cities all over Asia and he has been nominated for the prestigious Prix Pictet and Société Generale Chinese Art Awards. The Hong Kong Heritage Museum as well as many local and international private collectors have acquired Simon’s pieces throughout the last decade.