On May 11th, our TEDxVictoriaHarbour speakers shared fresh content, fantastic ideas and unique perspectives on the how and why we travel!  Videos coming mid summer!

tony verb bw

TONY VERB, HKG, Independent
Entrepreneur, Promoter, Marketer

Born in Hungary, lived around the world, Tony believes in three pillars of urban well being: creation, inspiration, entertainment.

Project Hong Kong: How could one of the best cities in the world become one of the best cities in the world? It is actually happening through the vision, effort and collaboration of great people in Hong Kong. You can make it happen too.

Nury Vittachi

Journalist, Novelist, Columnist

Nury has hosted several TV shows, published thousands of articles and is remembered for his comedic flair and take on cross-cultural clashes in Hong Kong. (Follow @NuryVittachi on Twitter)

How to Speak Globalese 


Trail Runner, Music Lover, Instagram Addict

Tyson’s a Senior Editor for CNN.com by day, and a trail running, music loving, Instagram addict by night. (Follow @twheat on Istagram and Twitter)

When he relocated to HKG he turned to his iPhone to document and share his new life with loved ones back home, but quickly discovered and developed a community to connect with.

Jim Spear

JIM SPEAR, PEK, The Schoolhouse at Mutianyu & The Brickyard
Hotelier, Designer, Traveler

Jim stumbled across an underutilized village during a hike to the Great Wall and walked away with a lease on what would become his personal retreat. What started off as a hobby grew into 2 award-winning, community based tourism projects involving the community and their old village buildings.

Intern Power: Unleashing Passion and Harnessing Energy. Too often internships are pro forma experiences. Learning goes both ways. Don’t waste talent. Diversity contributes to innovation.

Chris Hora

CHRIS HORA, LAX, Independent
Chef, Globetrotter, TV Personality

Chris is a native Californian who developed his style of art and craftsmanship based on one ideal – integrity. He’s opened restaurants on three continents combining the ethics given to him by his immigrant family and with the products and techniques gained from a lifetime of travel. (Follow @chefhora on Twitter)

Remember When You Were Human? Food is the last bastion of humanity. It is the only place where people give up on believing their own bullshit and share, listen and walk through the gateway of culture.

Bobsy Cross Legged

Eco-Entrepreneur, Community Weaver, Inspirational Speaker

Born in Beirut, Lebanon, Bobsy is an ecopreneur who has sought to build healthy and sustainable communities through ecologically viable food in Hong Kong since 1992.

Are you aware?: Are we experiencing the largest mass shift in human consciousness ever to be recorded in human history? Have we shifted from a material paradigm to a consciousness paradigm? Is consciousness as a casual reality the new “I think, therefore I am?”

Simon Wan

SIMON WAN, HKG, The Photocrafters
Professional Photographer, Artist, Teacher

Simon studied documentary photography at the University of Wales and returned to Hong Kong where he founded a non-profit studio to pro­mote the dying art of pho­to­graphic cul­ture. He has taught at the University of Hong Kong and his work has been show­cased worldwide.

Everyone’s an Amateur Photojournalist: And this is ok. But with every photo we take, we have a responsibility that comes with it.

Tom Schmidt copy

TOM SCHMIDT, HKG, Sepia Design
Architect, Writer, Illustrator

Tom is an architect who, in his spare time, moonlights as a writer, illustrator, musician, and stand-up comedian. His wanderlust has carried him through bumbling adventures in over 70 countries around the world.

Tom’s experiences are culminated in an award-winning book series seeking to promote environmental and cultural awareness through entertaining mysteries and adventures. Could this be the future of armchair travel?


Adventure Traveler, Chef, Lifelong Student

Adventure Chef Andrea Oschetti is passionate about healthy living, and believes that health starts with food: we are what we eat.  Twice a year, he closes his Hong Kong Private Kitchen to embark on endurance adventures in extreme environments to live his passion for sports, nature and cultural diversity

Travel With Purpose: The meaning of travel is quickly escaping us. But traveling with historical or literary association in mind allows for travel with a different spirit: full of emotions and rediscovery.

Erica Lee HR

Professional Violinist, Composer, Explorer

Erica who won her first international competition at 10, played her first solo with the Novosibirsk Philharmonic Orchestra in Russia at 11, studied at Juilliard and Parsons, and performed solo at Carnegie Hall and Lincoln Center.

Fear of Flying: In a musical piece specially composed for TEDxVictoriaHarbour, Erica will take us through an emotional journey exploring the connection between nerves and our common fear of flying. 

Dean Head

DEAN HEAD, HKG, Head Shots
Filmmaker, Inventor, App Developer

For more than 30 years Dean has been creating movies, TV commercials, documentaries for Discovery & Nat Geo, content, products and inventions with the goal to help people.

Promotion of cities and countries through film and photography: How is it possible to promote tourism in your territory, to the whole world, completely free of charge?